--Results of the Contest --
Design a Logo for the
Department of Physics and Astronomy
SUNY -- Stony Brook

    About half of the academic departments at Stony Brook have a logo on their web pages.  A good logo has several possible uses:  on  letterheads, coffee mugs, and tee-shirts, for example.  It is time for our department to have one!

    This contest was open to anyone, with preference given to entries from registered attendees at the conference "Physics and Astronomy at the Millennium," June 16-18, 2000, held at SUNY Stony Brook.  The entries were judged by an ad hoc committee formed at the meeting by Prof. George Sterman.

    The rules were:

  1. The logo should identify the department of Physics and Astronomy and SUNY Stony Brook.  SUNY-SB is an acceptable abbreviation.  SUSB is not.
  2. The logo should be suitable for display on a computer monitor, for example as a .gif file.  A hard copy suitable for scanning is OK.
  3. The logo should be legible when reduced to 2" x 1.25" size, or 2.5" x 1.5" maximum.  It should also look good in enlarged form, for example, on a tee-shirt.
  4. Judges will evaluate on whatever criteria they wish.  Preferably the logo should be politically neutral, not favoring subfields of physics or astronomy.  Humor is allowed although not required.
The results were announced at the banquet of the conference "Physics and Astronomy at the Millennium," Saturday night, June 17.  The winner was Chi-Ming Hung.  He will be given a $100 gift certificate for Borders Books.  Here is his entry:

Other Sample Logos

A. Political

The Bush and Gore campaigns have logos with an interesting contrast in style.
B. Academic

    The Chemistry department has a neat logo made from  the Stony Brook logo.  Also check out the logos of various other departments: Anthropology, Athletics, Bioengineering, Biotechnology,
Biomedical Engineering, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education (CSMTE), the Child Welfare Training Program (CWTP), the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the Institute for Conservation of Tropical Environments (ICTE), Ecology and Evolution, the Center for Excellence and Innovation in Education (CEIE), English, the Long Island Geologists, the Honors College, the Intensive English Center, Italian Studies, the Language Learning and Research Center (LLRC), the Long Island Groundwater Research Institute (LIGRI), the Marine Sciences Research Center (MSRC), Materials Science and Engineering, Pathology, ...

Submitted logos

   Here are other entries which were submitted.

interpolate or rainbow (2 entries on this page)
truly stony