Physics 125 message board

March 5, Spring 2006

There is no homework due the week of March 6. You will get your midterm 1 graded in the beginning of the recitation section this week. If you would like to have your midterm paper regraded, please, tell this to your recitation instructor at the end of the recitation section.  

Students who transferred from PHY 131. Please, ask your PHY 131 instructors to transfer your recitation grades (and web homework grades) to your new PHY 125 recitation instructors. You should have been already assigned to new lab sections of PHY 125.  

Midterm 1 is over. It was a very easy exam. The average score was 45.4 out of 90. One person had a full score of 90 points. I expect that students having score below 40 will have a hard time passing the course. You have to work really hard to be able to perform well in midterm 2 and final exams.  

The distribution of scores is:  

Midterm 1 distribution