Physics 125 message board

May 8, Spring 2006

Classes are over. It is time to start preparing for the final exam. I put the final exam advice (with practice problems) below. Some of the exam problems will be close to the practice problems.  

I have reserved the room P-113 (our regular lecture classroom) on Tuesday, May 9, 3-5pm for a review session. Attendance is not mandatory but is advisable for those who are not 100% confident in their physics problem solving skills.  

The final exam is on Monday, May 15, 8:00-10:30am in Old Chemistry 116 . Please, come at least 10 minutes before 8am.  

I am in my office (B-102) on Monday, May 8. If you worry about your performance in the class and would like to know your grades, please, drop by.