Midterm II

The exam will cover Chapters 1-13, with an emphasis on Chapters 8-13.  As before, formula sheets will NOT be allowed.  You do not have to memorize specialized formulas, such as I=mL2/12 for a rod of length L pivoted at the middle.  But you do have to know the definition of I which enables you to compute I for a rigid assembly of point masses, or for a hollow cylinder pivoted around it's symmetry axis (I=mR2.)

Lab Make-ups

During the week of March 27-31, there is no lab assignment, but there is a midterm exam on Friday March 31.  However, if any student has missed any of the labs 4-7, you have a chance to make up the labs during the week of March 27-31, during your regular lab hour.  You must inform your TA during the week of March 20-24 about this.

This will be the ONLY chance to make up these labs.  At the end of the semester there will be another  make-up opportunity, but only for labs starting with #8.

posted March 10, 2006
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