Ellen S. Allen
Adjunct Associate Professor, English
Suffolk Community College
leave message at: (631) 451-4274




Smith College. A.B. 1964
University of California, Berkeley. Teaching Credential 1966
SUNY Stony Brook. M.A. 1993


Click here for Eg. 11 (Freshman Composition) syllabus
Click here for Eg. 13 (Introduction to Literature) syllabus (sec 1123 Spring 2003)


     I have taught in one capacity or another since graduating from college in 1964.  I have been a graduate teaching assistant, a secondary school teacher, a substitute, a tutor, a district home teacher and an adjunct professor.  These diverse teaching experiences are the result of my need to coordinate my work time with the schedules of my husband and our four children, who are now almost grown.

     For my undergraduate education and my graduate work at Berkeley I had the luxury of being a full time student, able to devote as much time as I needed to my studies.  When I returned to school many years later, my situation was very different:  I was running a home, holding a full time job and raising my children.  The conflicting demands on my time (Shakespeare or my sonís soccer game?  The library or my daughterís concert?) helped me to become keenly aware of the difficulties many of you face, as you try to handle your school work in addition to your other responsibilities.  (I know now, though, that all this juggling works out in the end, and when youíve finished your program youíll be glad that you put yourself through it.)