Family Photos.
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Here I am with Ellen.  The photo was taken in September 2002 by Ann Johnson.
This is my daughter Liz, directing actor M. Emmet Walsh, in her thesis film, "Eyeball Eddie."  The photo is by Michael Dahan.  World premiere: January 21, 2001, Park City, Utah (Slamdance Film Festival).  Eyeball Eddie shared the audience award for best short film at the Stony Brook Film Festival, Thursday July 6, 2001.
This is my daughter Kat and her husband Mike on their wedding day, September 9, 2000.  The photo is by Ann Johnson.  Kat is Youth Services Coordinator for the Boulder Valley Women's Health Center.  In September 2001 she entered a masters program at Columbia School of Public Health.
My daughter Emily is a labor organizer for a nurse's union at Lennox Hill Hospital in NYC.  Here she is at work with some of the nurses.  In September 2001 she became a student again, at Harvand Law School.
Here is my son Ben and his punk rock band "1080."  This photo is on their most recent CD. He plays electric and acoustic bass.  He is now an undergraduate at Cornell.