PhD Students

Jeffrey D. Althoff 1992 Vignette, Inc., Oakland, CA
Timothy P. Beaulac 1983 Salomon Brothers Smith Barney
Bulbul Chakraborty 1979 Department of Physics, Brandeis University
Yiing-Rei Chen 2003 National Taiwan Normal University
Jaroslav Fabian 1997 Institute of Theoretical Physics, University Regensburg 
93040 Regensburg, Germany
PhD thesis: Vibrations in C60 and amorphous silicon
John C. K. Hui 1975 Department of Surgery, SUNY Stony Brook
Jainendra K. Jain 1985 Erwin W. Mueller Professor of Physics 
Department of Physics, Pennsylvania State University
Furrukh S. Khan 1983 Department of Electrical Engineering 
Ohio State University
Chinmong Leung
(coadvisor with Weinert)
1995 Computer Associates International, Islandia, NY
Li Li
Bloomberg Financial
PhD thesis: Theoretical and Computational Studies Related to Solar Water Splitting with Semiconductor Alloys
Xiao-Ping Li 1989 Conextant, Thousand Oaks, CA
Branislav Nikolic 2000 Department of Physics, University of Delaware
Guilherme Nunes 1997 Departamento de Fisica
Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal
Vasili Perebeinos 2001 Skoltech, Moscow 
Thesis: "Polaronic Effects in Manganese Oxides: Self-Trapped Electronic States in LaMnO3 and NaCl"
Warren Pickett 1975 Department of Physics
University of California, Davis
Ryan Requist
(coadvisor with Abanov)
2005 SISSA, Trieste, Italy
Barbara Sanborn 1992 Assistant Professor of Mathematics 
Antioch College, OH
Xiao Shen
Vanderbilt University, Department of Physics
Werner W. Schulz 1994 Tessela, Inc., Cambridge, UK
Tao Sun 2008 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing; Key Laboratory of Computational Geodynamics

Masters Students

Gong L. Chen  1987 Intel Corporation, San Jose, CA 
Ilka B. Bischofs 2000 MA thesis: "Self-Trapped States in BaBiO3
PhD in Biophysics at the MPI, Golm, 2004,
Post-doc, Bioengineering, U. C. Berkeley
Christian Schmidt 2004 MA thesis: "Sodium Fluoride Clusters: A Theoretical Study"

High School Summer Students


Jonathan Kelner (The Wheatley School) 1997 Harvard University undergraduate.  Intel finalist.  Project was published in Am. J. Phys. 66, 497-506 (1998) "Evolution of a vibrational wave packet on a disordered chain." (not available in electronic form).
James Napolitano (Commack High School) 1998 RPI undergraduate.  Intel semifinalist.  Project was published in Solid State Commun. 118, 215-219 (2001) "Exact, numerical, and mean field behavior of a dimerizing lattice in one dimension."
Rahul Bhargava (The Wheatley School) 1999 Princeton University undergraduate.  Intel semifinalist.  Project: "Doping and Defects in the Charge-Density Wave of a 1D/3D Model of BaBiO3"
Samuel Ocko 2004 Brown University undergraduate.  Intel semifinalist.  The project was: "One-Dimensional Lennard-Jones fluid: Equation of State and Heat Conductivity".  A continuation of this project in summer 2005 will be published.
Rebecca Yu 2006 Intel project: "On The Brink Of Chaos: Study Of Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Effects In 2D"

Undergraduate Students

Melodie French 2005
David Stahnke
(U. C. San Diego)
Aaron Palke
(U. of Tulsa)
2007 Developing A Model for the Determination of the Thermal Conductivity of High-Temperature Earth Minerals
Julie Stern 2007
Corey Griffin 2008 Molecular Dynamics Study of One Dimensional Heat Conductivity

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