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Laszlo Mihaly

I am doing experimental condensed matter physics at the Physics Department at Stony Brook University, State University of New York. Currently I am also the Chair of the Department.



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Recent research interests

My main research interest is electron spin resonance at high magnetic fields, which is just a special case for far infrared optical spectroscopy in magnetic field. Materials include manganites, high temperature superconductors and doped fullerenes. Follow this link to learn about my work at the NSLS in Brookhaven. Experimental methods in my Stony Brook laboratory include materials preparation, IR spectroscopy and electrical transport measurements.

See a review paper, more publications or this page. for more about my research. Some of the my talks are here.

Teaching, Departmental Service

I am the Chair the Department of Physics and Astronomy since 2009.

Laszlo Mihaly                                   Lab:    (631) 632-8155
Department of Physics                           Office: (631) 632-8178
Stony Brook University                          FAX:    (631) 632-8041
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3800             E-mail:laszlo.mihaly@sunysb.edu

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