Physics 131:Classical Physics I

Labs, Spring 2006 (Phy 133)

NOTE: updated and improved instructions are being

prepared for each lab.  Therefore please wait until

4-5 days before the lab to download and read the

lab instructions given here.  The new instructions can

be distinguished from older versions by the title.  If it

says PHY 131, it is old.  If it says PHY 133, it is new.

Week Lab # Title Download
1-30-06 1 Measuring Area: Error and Uncertainty PDFa, PDFb
2-06-06 2 Acceleration. PDF
2-13-06 3 Projectile motion. PDF
2-27-06 4 Conservation of Energy. PDF
3-06-06 5 Conservation of Linear Momentum. PDF
3-13-06 6 Conservation of Angular Momentum. PDF
3-20-06 7 Simple Harmonic Motion. PDF
4-03-06 8 Standing Waves. PDF
4-24-06 9 Gas Thermometry PDF

PBA, 11/14/05