Physics 302/572: Electromagnetic Theory II

Tentative Syllabus

# Date Griffiths Topic
1. Tue, Jan 25 Ch. 1-7 0. Introduction. Class info. Maxwell's equations. Electrostatics, magnetostatics, and electrodynamics.
2. Thu, Jan 27 Ch. 8.1 1. Conservation Laws. Conservation of charge. The continuity equation. Conservation of energy. Poynting's theorem.
3. Tue, Feb 1 Ch. 8.2 HW 1 given. Conservation of Momentum. Maxwell's stress tensor. Angular momentum.
4. Thu, Feb 3 Ch. 8.2 Conservation of Momentum. Examples. Angular momentum.
5. Tue, Feb 8 Ch. 9.1 HW 2 given. 2. Electromagnetic Waves. Wave equation from Maxwell's equations in vacuum. Solving wave equation in one dimension. Complex notations, general solution, boundary conditions, polarization.
6. Thu, Feb 10 Ch. 9.1, 9.2 Solving wave equation in one dimension. Fourrier transforms, boundary conditions, polarization. Electromagnetic Waves in Vacuum. Monochromatic plane waves.
7. Tue, Feb 15 Ch. 9.2 HW 3 given. Monochromatic plane waves. The electromagnetic spectrum. Energy and momentum of E/M waves.
8. Thu, Feb 17 Ch. 9.3 Electromagnetic Waves in Matter. Reflection and transmission at normal incidence. Reflection and transmission at oblique incidence. Plane of incidence, law of reflection, Snell's law.
Tue, Feb 22 NO CLASS. NO CLASS. NO CLASS. Will be rescheduled.
9. Thu, Feb 24 Ch.9.3-9.4 HW 4 given. Reflection and transmission at oblique incidence. Fresnel's equations, Brewster's angle. Absorption and Dispersion. Ohm's law and relaxation of a free charge in a conductor.
10. Tue, Mar 1 Ch. 9.4 E/M waves in conductors. Skin effect. Reflection at a conducting surface. Dispersion. The frequency dependence of material constants.
11. Thu, Mar 3 Ch. 9.4 HW 5 given. The frequency dependence of permittivity. Complex dielectric constant, absorption coefficient, anomalous dispersion.
12. Tue, Mar 8 Ch. 9.4-9.5 Complex dielectric constant. Plasma. Guided Waves.
13. Thu, Mar 10 Ch. 9.5, Chs. 7-9 Guided Waves. Problem solving session. BYOP (Bring your own problems).
14. Tue, Mar 15 Ch. 7-9 Midterm exam. (open book).
15. Thu, Mar 17 Ch. 10.1 HW 6 given. Electromagnetism and Optics. 3. Potentials and Fields. The Potential Formulation. Solving inhomogeneous wave equation.
16. Tue, Mar 29 Ch. 10.2-10.3 Retarded potentials. Continuous distributions. Lienard-Wiechert potentials.
17. Thu, Mar 31 Ch.10.3, 11.1 HW 7 given. The fields of a moving point charge. 4. Radiation.
18. Tue, Apr 5 Ch. 11.1 Radiation from an arbitrary source. Multipole expansion.
19. Thu, Apr 7 Ch. 11.1 HW 8 given. Examples. Electric dipole radiation and magnetic dipole radiation.
20. Tue, Apr 12 Ch. 11.2 Radiation of point charges. Radiation reaction.
21. Thu, Apr 14 Ch. 12.1 Concluding remarks on radiation. HW 9 given. 5. Electrodynamics and Relativity. Principles of relativity. Relativity of simultaneity, time dilation, Lorentz contraction.
22. Tue, Apr 19 Ch. 12.1 Paradoxes: clock synchronization, twin paradox, the barn and ladder paradox, Ehrenfest's paradox. The Lorentz transformations.
23. Thu, Apr 21 Ch. 12.1 HW 10 given. Einstein's velocity addition rule. Spacetime. Four vectors, Lorentz transformations, 4d scalar product, the invariant interval. Space-time diagrams.
24. Tue, Apr 26 Ch. 12.2 Relativistic Mechanics. Proper time, 4-velocity, 4-momentum, rest mass. Conservation of 4-momentum, relativistic kinematics.
25. Thu, Apr 28 Ch. 12.2 HW 11 given. Relativistic dynamics. Second Newton's law. Work and energy. Examples.
26. Tue, May 3 Ch. 12.3 Relativistic Electrodynamics. Lorentz transformations of electric and magnetic fields. Covariant form of Maxwell's equations and of the Lorentz force. Field invariants. Relativistic potentials.
27. Thu, May 5 Concluding remarks. The principle of minimal action for classical electrodynamics. Other topics not covered in the course.
Final Thu, May 12 Ch. 1, 3, 7-12 FINAL 11:00am-1:30pm, B-131.