Physics 125: Classical Physics A


Attending labs: We consider labs as a very important component of an introductory physics course. No one will be able to pass this course without satisfying lab requirements. The penalty for missing lab is quite severe. Up to a full grade level will be deducted from your final course grade (e.g., B -> C) for each missing lab. If you miss some lab during the semester, please, make sure that you arrange a makeup with your lab instructor in advance. The makeups can be made in the week of February 27, 2006 (for labs 1-4), the week of March 27, 2006 (for labs 5-7), and the week of May 1, 2006 (for labs 8-9).

Error and Uncertainty: One cannot make any measurement without having some degree of uncertainty. Understanding of these uncertainties as well as making the error analysis is an important part of every lab. You can download some basic information about the error analysis here (PDF ).

Week Lab # Title Download
1-23-2006 no labs.
1-30-2006 1 Measurement Using Trigonometry and Vectors. PDF
2-6-2006 2 Acceleration. PDF
2-13-2006 3 Projectile motion. PDF
2-20-2006 4 Newton's Second Law. PDF
2-27-2006 no labs, arrange makeup for labs 1-4 with lab instructor.
3-6-2006 5 The Conical Pendulum, Uniform Circular Motion. PDF
3-13-2006 6 Conservation of Energy. PDF
3-20-2006 7 Conservation of Linear Momentum. PDF
3-27-2006 no labs, arrange makeup for labs 5-7 with lab instructor.
4-3-2006 8 Conservation of Angular Momentum. PDF
4-10-2006 no labs, spring break.
4-17-2006 no labs, recovering from the spring break.
4-24-2006 9 Young's Modulus. PDF
5-1-2006 no labs, arrange makeup for labs 8-9 with lab instructor.