Physics 540
Statistical Mechanics I
Spring 2002

Tuesday & Thursday, 11:20am-12:40pm.
Physics P-127

Instructor: Dr. Alexander (Sasha) Abanov, Assistant Professor
Office: Physics B-102
Office hours: Thursday 4-6pm or by appointment.
Phone: (631)632-8174
Web page:

Teaching Assistant: T. J. Walls
Office: Physics C-119
Office hours: Wednesday 11am-12:30pm or by appointment.
Phone: (631)632-4077


I will use the book by Landau and Lifshitz as a main textbook for this course. In addition the book by Kubo is required. The latter contains a lot of problems in statistical physics with solutions. Solving problems is going to be a very important part of the course.

The final grade for this course will be based on grades for homeworks (70%) and on the grade for the final exam (30%).

Topics to be covered

Here is a list of topics I am planning to cover in the course.

Required Books

These books are required. They are available from the University bookstore.

Additional Books


Syllabus of the course

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