Physics 125 Spring 2006

Final Exam (Monday May 15, 2006)

Format of the exam

Final exam is based on Chapters 1-12 of the textbook. Some stress will be made on chapters 9-12 covered after the Midterm 2. However, the material from chapters 1-8 will be included also. You are guaranteed to find

1. A problem on gravitational interaction

2. A problem on static equilibrium

3. A problem on dynamics of rotational motion

You might want to take a look at the cover sheet for the exam.


You will not be allowed any notes or formula sheet!
Therefore you will want to memorize a few formulas.

For practice, try to solve practice problems.

I do recommend to try to solve them first without looking at solutions. Only after that look at the posted solutions and check your work.

Revised 4/27/06 Sasha