PHY 511/512: Quantum Mechanics I,II
Fall 2010 / Spring 2011, Stony Brook
Tue, Thu: 11:20-12:40, in P-112

ATTENTION: A makeup class is scheduled on Tuesday, December 7, 5:30-6:50pm, in room B-131

ATTENTION: Final exam is scheduled on Tuesday, December 14, 2:15-4:45pm, in room P-112

Instructor: Dr. Alexander (Sasha) Abanov, Associate Professor
Office: B-102
Phone: 2-8174
E-mail: alexandre.abanov @
Web page:

Teaching Assistant: Sooraj Radhakrishnan
Office: A-105
Phone: 2-4070
E-mail: sooraj9286 @

Catalog description

First course in a two-part sequence. Topics include basic quantum physics and mathematical apparatus; application to one dimensional examples and simple systems. Symmetries, angular momentum, and spin. Additional topics as time permits.

Second course in a two-part sequence, covering variational principles, perturbation theory, relativistic quantum mechanics, quantization of the radiation field, many-body systems. Application to atoms, solids, nuclei and elementary particles, as time permits.


The final grade for this course will be based on grades for weekly homeworks (25%), the grade for the midterm exam (30%), and on the grade for the final exam (45%).

Syllabus of QM I (Fall 2010, under construction)


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Syllabus of QM I (Fall 2010, under construction)

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